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ATT. Pouch - Square (Cloudy Grey)

ATT. Pouch - Square (Cloudy Grey)

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Do you still remember the long att. pouch included in BePack? As we have mentioned previously we would keep designing more different sizes of the Att. pouch or even accessories. Here are some of the new Att. pouches we made this round. All these 3 Att. pouches would only come with a single magic slider. If you would like to add-on to your BePack, you could purchase 2 pieces among these 3 designs as the BePack comes with two slots. 
The Att. pouch is compatible for CTGO and BePack at this moment.

Choose any pouch which meets your requirement to expand the facility on your CTGO and BePack now!
Material: Nylon
Specification: 8 x 8 x 3.0 cm
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