Monstera UBRIK



Don't over complicate your way of packing your stuff! Often there are many packing cubes out there which have an excessive number of pockets. They become so heavy you end up carrying almost double the weight and sometimes you don't find all the excessive pockets necessary, and it becomes a "maze" inside your organizer pouch.

UBRIK, you may describe it as the Utility Brick! It is designed with the form-follow-function mindset. When you just need to carry light enough for your day, yet you could just pack it away into your bigger bags. Its size is ideal for daily use, accommodating cosmetics, a power bank, cables, a wallet, and even an A5 notebook. Designed with multiple compartments, including a front quick access pocket and a back hidden pocket and multiple inner slots, it offers the most convenient way to organise your life! The versatility of UBRIK shines through with its detachable strap. Remove the strap and effortlessly transform it into an organiser pouch that fits perfectly into your BePack or Fotebag. The adjustable strap adds both functionality and style, featuring trendy padding.

We designed it to be easy to use, not overkilling the product by adding too many pockets or origami flaps that make the pouch heavy even before putting your accessories into it. UBRIK has just enough pockets for simple organizational purposes. 

Upgrade your on-the-go pouch with UBRIK and experience the ultimate versatility in a compact and stylish design.